Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy X-Mas! And New Year!

Happy New Year peeps!  I didn't really do much for the big count down.  I had some margaritas with my sister and took a bath.  ;)

So of course I didn't really get anything from my wishlist...Oh well typical. I did get to see all of my longtime loves and friends.  We're so cute and we went ice skating in Culver City.  I only fell once!  After that we went back to Satia's (my secret santa) house to play games and exchange gifts. 

I always give excellent presents.  I got Satia's some Juicy Couture tights and a cute scarf because scarves are her thing from Urban Outfitters (not pictured--those are just props for these pictures ;).

Satia and Me

My SS, Gloria, got me this cute plaid shirt dress and these cute slipper socks (also not pictured...).

Gloria and Me

It was so nice to finally see all of my buddies.  Even though I'm making lots of great friends in NYC, there's this familiarity that comes with knowing each other since middle school that can't be compared with.  I really miss all of them and I wish I could see them more often.   I didn't know they turned into such partyers though.  They all went to TAO (Together as One)--some huge rave--for New Years.  I'm not so sure that raves are my thing but I said I might go with them to EDC??? in June.

Anyway, with my own hard-earned dollars I decided to try a new foundation--Bobbi Brown's Stick Foundation in Natural Tan.

$40 a pop

I'm wearing it in these pictures.  I really need to get a camera (which also went unanswered on my non-beauty related wishlists.  Oh Santa..) to take proper pics.  Regardless, its an excellent foundation.  It provides a nearly full coverage that looks very natural--just like second skin.  However, unfortunately I got a huuuuuuuuge painful pimple on my nose right before I went to see my BFFs that it did not entirely hide.  I still had a bit of redness show through though it did make it look less glowingly obvious.  That doesn't take away points though because that would just asking for too much.  I know I need a concealer for that. 

As far as application goes, the stick format is very convenient.  You can just dab it on all over and blend it out with for fingers.  Naturally the Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush, which I used to try this on in the store provides a more perfected finish.  However, Bobbi Brown does not come cheap.  The foundation stick is $40, and the brush $35.  Maybe I'll add it to my Birthday Wishlist.

Until next time...

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