Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy New Year

Yes..almost 1 month later :)

I wore a dress I got from a Betsey Johnson sale via VintageVandalizm in December.  I also tried to do some GLITTER MAKEUP!  It was a success except that the bootleg mixing medium I made with glycerin and water. creased something awful.  :(  I definitely will need to get a legit mixing medium.  I was happy with my blending and such though.  :)

I used the minty color and the sparkly black from my MAC Heatherette palette and a dark turquoise from the Tarte Treasure Chest and some Ardell Falsies.  I never used glitter pigment before...it looks *perfect* when I first applied it and for all of 10 minutes but it didn't last as you can see in this photo.

My whole NYE thing was that I must wear this particular dress and wear glitter makeup.  I didn't care where I was going, but these 2 criteria ABSOLUTELY had to be met.  :)


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