Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving and more importantly, BLACK FRIDAY

This Thanksgiving I decided not to fly out back home to L.A.  It would have been way too expensive, and so not worth it as half the time I would have just been en route.  So I went with my floormate Shelly (whom I loveee) to her friend's dorm with a kitchen and we made a little Thanksgiving dinner.  I had something a bit more clean and...more organized in mind, but everybody was super chill so it was fun.  There was no meat to be seen (the girl, Racine, was a vegetarian) so we had all these interesting vegetable dishes.  One was actually quite delish.  Everybody ate all my macaroni and cheese and they loved my cake (which I artfully saved as it almost turned into a mess due to a lack of proper tools) so I was happy.  I'll post the cake recipe later!  I would have liked to accompany it with pictures but I didn't think to take any...

But moving on: BLACK FRIDAY.

Okay so I will admit I was scared.  I've only been Black Friday shopping like once in L.A. and all I could picture in NYC was pure chaos.  As I said to my friend, "I want to go shopping...but I don't want to, like, die."  I was trooper though, and totally woke up at 6:30am, was on the subway by 7:00am, and in Herald Square by 7:30am.  I went to the huge Macy's that's there and got the boots I was eyeing last time for 30% off!  So from $129 to like $79 or something.

They're even real leather...
I really wanted a purse but all the ones I were interested in were either not on sale or still way more than I wanted to pay.  I popped by Steve Madden and Victoria's Secret but by that time it was around 10am and it was wayyy too crazy.  I went to Aldo and I got this cute purse to go with my boots for only $26!

I still need a grey one though!
So, by this time I was already over my allotted budget of approx. $100, but then I went into H&M, just to see what was happening in the accessories, since I don't tend to prefer their clothes (they just never fit me quite right).  BUT, there were having these $10 fabulous finds AND everything that was on sale was 2 for 1 so I just had to get this cute plaid shirt dress that probably everyone and their mom will be wearing since I saw so many people checking out with it but either way:

Originally $34.95.  So not worth that much...

 And this cute knit beanie...not on sale but still cheap:

I popped by this random discount store called Daffy's.  I wasn't really feeling much in there, but then these shoes just popped up out of nowhere and they were so cute and unique looking I could not resist.  I may still return them because I don't tend to just wear heels out and about.  But they were just SO adorable I could not resist.


They were on like super sale too.  UGH!  This is like Confessions of a Shopaholic or something.  Although after talking to Shelly, who went with some girls on a 14 hour shopping expedition in a limo throughout New Jersey...I'm not that bad.  ;D

Really I'm just glad my roomate from hell is not here and shouldn't be back until tomorrow.  More on that situation another time.

Hair Disaster


Ok so I don't remember if i blogged about this or not but I bought this super nice package from Alternative Adverstising from Gio Studio Salon where I could get a haircut, scalp/neck massage, highlights, plus some other random irrelevant stuff for $60 + $10 product fee and 20% off any other service.  This honestly was a bit of an amazing deal seeing as just a haircut in NYC will set you back like $70 soooo I said I'd try it.  Plus I checked them out on and they were totally top rated.  Even when I got there, everyone had gorgeous hair color.  This should turn out great right? 


First of all, I don't know what is up with this stylist Ezequiel.  I made it very clear that my hair color was *dyed* dark.  For those of you who are color virgins this is very significant information as and single lightening process will not work on the dyed part.  Bleach or a color removal process is necessary aka a DOUBLE PROCESS.  I said, "You're going to need to do a double process right?" And he said yes.  NOTE: A Double process is always significantly more expensive, sooo I'm paying top dollar.  Yes I get a 20% discount, but its still $160.  I expect to come out of the salon looking fly and fabulous.

However...when he was done....I looked like a brassy streaky messsssss.  Whenever I get a hair color change, its always a bit of a shock and a bit hard to judge immediately.  So I payed and I left a nice tip or whatever (mostly for their shampooer Alfonso who has THE MAGIC TOUCH.  I think it was the scalp/neck message a clouded my judgment) and I was in like Loehmans trying to judge it and I was not feeling it.  Anyway, when I got home I cried, made a quick run to Ricky's to get some color to dye over it but my mommy talked some sense into me, so I called and scheduled another appt. to have it fixed.'s not so bad you are probably thinking, but this next one really shows the horror!!!

Hot mess!!
WTF?!  That doesn't look a thing like this beautiful, rich brown color does it?


So this is what really makes it.  I went back the next day, and it still isn't fixed.  My roots are super light, my ends are still too dark, and I still have that brassy mess of highlights through the front.  He's afraid to bleach my hair properly or even use a developer more than 15 vol, and I'm like UM WTF DID YOU CHARGE ME A DOUBLE PROCESS FOR THEN?  That weak shit isn't going to do what I need it to do.  And yet he wants me to get some perm which is more likely to ruin my hair even worse.  I don't even know what he did last time.  All I know is I'm getting fed up and I'm supposed to go back on Sunday (tomorrow), but I don't think this "Ezequiel" knows what the hell he is doing.  If it is not done properly and I don't look like a star, I am demanding a refund so I can so someplace where they know what they're doing and get this fixed.  And its going to cost me a fortuneeee I already know.  UGH.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

I love trying on stuff...

One of my favorite guilty pleasure type movies--just because it was SO cute--is def Confessions of a Shopaholic with Isla Fisher. I guess I really relate to the whole shopping addiction bit.  I always like to joke with my cousin Tara that I have a shopping problem, and on the phone I'll be like, "Hello is the Shopaholics Anonymous?"

These are from earlier this month back when I got my first HUGE paycheck.  It was a whole month's worth because I'm *so* stupid and I didn't realize that saving your timesheet wasn't enough, you had to submit it too.  Those were some dark days...

ANYWAY, I went to a whole bunch of discount stores to find some good basics on sale.  Nice winter coat...a bag...some boots....etc.  I love taking pictures in the store and texting either Tara or my mom with them because I'm so indecisive.  Even though I usually like what I call business shopping (basically, when you're about to drop some big $$$ on for stuff you actually need and so you have to try on, compare between shops etc.) alone, I still need somebody else's opinion, plus it makes for good reference, so I take tons of pictures.  I only have a crap camera phone (I'm saving up for the real thing) but the quality isn't too bad...

 I saw this one at the HUUUGE Macy's over in Herald Square on 34th Street.  That Macy's is like shopping heaven.  It takes up a whole block and its 13 floors of pure shopping heaven.  This one is American Rag, and it was cute but it wasn't warm enough for the NYC winter months.  I'm a Cali girl so you know I need the warmth more than anybody.

Another day I went to Chelsea to check out the Burlington Coat Factory.  Right outside of the 23rd St. subway station there was this cute little jewelry store having an everything is $1-2.99 sale.  Some of it looked a little too cheapie, but I got a whole bunch of cute studs (my favorite).

This purse was effing huge.  It was Jessica Simpson, and technically luggage.  I liked the style but it was just way too big so I wound up getting this one:

Nine West!
Looking back...this next coat was actually really cute....Why didn't I get this?  It was Miss Sixty...


WELL whatever the one I did get is super girly and preppy and *unique.* I'll stand out in the sea of gray and black that is the NYC streets:

Lol at my little wrist flick...what is wrong with me?

And for fun...

Its sooooo flashy and gaudy but I kinda love it.  I really want a furry type jacket thing but they're not actually really warm (since they're faux anyway) so it was too much for something so trendy.  I have to head to Forever21 or Necessary Clothing for that one.

There was a whole bunch of super cute underwear but I had to restrain myself.  Its one of those things where you're like oh it's cheap and cute I want it all and then you get to the cash register and you're like, "Wait a second.....where did $50 come from?"

Anyway...that it all for now.  I can't wait until Saturday.  Hair changes are so exciting.  :D

Essie: Mint Candy Apple

I've been lemming this color since I saw it on Makeup and Beauy Blog. I went to the lady doctor yesterday, and on my way back I walked down Amsterdam and there was this nail salon called Pinky around 70something street. I'd never go there because yeahhh I can't do $18 for *just* a manicure. But they're the first salon I've happened to come across that actually had Essie's new collection and I just had to get it. Needless to say, I love it~! Its such a unique color. It reminds me of MAC's Peppermint Patty (which I never got to get because it sold out too fast).

Also on my way back, I stopped at SEPHORA. I need a new foundation really badly but instead of getting something I need I had to get this:

What a pretty box! But whats inside it???? HMMMMMM...


It's Tarte's treasure chest and there can be no better title. This palette is effing huge. There are 16 shimmery colors, 16 mattes, 4 blushes, a bronzer/highlighter, and 16 lip glosses. The lip glosses are a bit meh but still. I effing love this! If I can get pictures to come out well on my camera phone I'll try and share a few looks.

I'm getting my herr did on Saturday! I'm so excited. I dyed it a bit dark back in September...kind of closer to my natural color but now I'm bored and I want something new! I'd lavlavlav to go blonde but alas it is too high maintenance and my hair is too damaged anyway so I'm still waiting to live out that dream. I want a color a bit like Chikako Watanabe:

I bought this introductory package off the street for this nice salon in Chelsea from this cute guy for $60, so I can get highlights a haircut and a neck/shoulder massage....all for $60. :D I still have to pay like $80 for a color change, but thats not bad considering my usual salon charges like $130 just to get a root touch up. -_- This is my first time going to a non-Japanese salon so I hope they do right by me.

Ok this is enough confessions of a shopaholic for now. I need to finish my French composition...and I have a presentation for my STUPID sociology class today. Ugh. I hate school.

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