Sunday, October 4, 2009



I'm nipping this in the bud right now though. As for now I am OFFICIALLY ON A DIET and EXERCISE REGIME. 1200-1500 calories a day--water only! NO JUICE/BUBBLE TEA/COFFEE/HOT CHOCOLATE/SODA! I'm going to work out in the mornings with my suitemate--at least 45 mins on the eliptical on M, W, Th/F, St/Sn. She is soooo good--always getting up to go to the gym. I will learn from her.

Its just so hard because our dining hall literally is an all you can eat buffet. You can always go back for more, and there is always MORE waiting for you. Plus its sweets galore. I can resist certain things--like I won't eat pancakes or a waffle or something every morning for breakfast. Even muffins hold little allure for me because I know how flipping calorie dense they are and in the end they're never really worth it.

One thing I love about NY compared to LA is that at all chain-type restaurant they have the calories on display right next to the price. That has literally stopped me in my tracks soo many times. And its a good guide too, because for instance the other day I was debating...'Should I go with the Smoked Cuban Panini....or the Turkey Sandwich...the turkey sandwich is probably less fattening...'

Except NOT! The Panini was 470 calories (and I only ate 2/3s of it--Hoorah!) and the Sandwich 860 calories.

I almost died. Not really but you know. ;p

Yesterday night me and my roomie went on a field trip to SoHo in search of Yogurtland! It was all the way on Bleecker St. but so worth it! Only problem was they only had the huge cups--and I didn't realize they were the huge cups, so I filled it half way thinking that was the usual amount I get. Only when I went to the register and the total was $7.62 did I realize. Ah well, I probably won't be back over there for a while so its all good. I had PinkBerry the same day (my diet starts today! lol) and though I thought they tasted the same...Pinkberry does win the taste test.

While we were over there we went in this store called Fantasy Land. They had a whole bunch of costumes and things. I think I'll head back over there in a couple of weeks to get the Cleopatra costume. So cute! I've never dressed up for Halloween but I think I want to this year.

They also had an assortment of porn and sex toys. LOL! There were even the flesh-toned dildos in a variety of colors depending on your preference. Black, white, "mulatto," they had them all. XD

My roomie is so adventurous and we were going to stop by a psychic so she could get a basic reading. But DAMN can you said rude. The lady clearly saw we were trying to get in, but she didn't think to move from her book until we started knocking. She said she was "Waiting for an appointment." and had the nerve to go like we were doing something wrong when the door clearly said "Open! Walk-in's encouraged!" Oh well...she missed out on the $20.

In like 3-4 weeks (maybe around Halloween time) I'll let you all know my weigh-in... There's no better incentive to stay on track than having to share your result come weigh-in time.


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