Thursday, November 19, 2009

Essie: Mint Candy Apple

I've been lemming this color since I saw it on Makeup and Beauy Blog. I went to the lady doctor yesterday, and on my way back I walked down Amsterdam and there was this nail salon called Pinky around 70something street. I'd never go there because yeahhh I can't do $18 for *just* a manicure. But they're the first salon I've happened to come across that actually had Essie's new collection and I just had to get it. Needless to say, I love it~! Its such a unique color. It reminds me of MAC's Peppermint Patty (which I never got to get because it sold out too fast).

Also on my way back, I stopped at SEPHORA. I need a new foundation really badly but instead of getting something I need I had to get this:

What a pretty box! But whats inside it???? HMMMMMM...


It's Tarte's treasure chest and there can be no better title. This palette is effing huge. There are 16 shimmery colors, 16 mattes, 4 blushes, a bronzer/highlighter, and 16 lip glosses. The lip glosses are a bit meh but still. I effing love this! If I can get pictures to come out well on my camera phone I'll try and share a few looks.

I'm getting my herr did on Saturday! I'm so excited. I dyed it a bit dark back in September...kind of closer to my natural color but now I'm bored and I want something new! I'd lavlavlav to go blonde but alas it is too high maintenance and my hair is too damaged anyway so I'm still waiting to live out that dream. I want a color a bit like Chikako Watanabe:

I bought this introductory package off the street for this nice salon in Chelsea from this cute guy for $60, so I can get highlights a haircut and a neck/shoulder massage....all for $60. :D I still have to pay like $80 for a color change, but thats not bad considering my usual salon charges like $130 just to get a root touch up. -_- This is my first time going to a non-Japanese salon so I hope they do right by me.

Ok this is enough confessions of a shopaholic for now. I need to finish my French composition...and I have a presentation for my STUPID sociology class today. Ugh. I hate school.


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