Thursday, November 19, 2009

I love trying on stuff...

One of my favorite guilty pleasure type movies--just because it was SO cute--is def Confessions of a Shopaholic with Isla Fisher. I guess I really relate to the whole shopping addiction bit.  I always like to joke with my cousin Tara that I have a shopping problem, and on the phone I'll be like, "Hello is the Shopaholics Anonymous?"

These are from earlier this month back when I got my first HUGE paycheck.  It was a whole month's worth because I'm *so* stupid and I didn't realize that saving your timesheet wasn't enough, you had to submit it too.  Those were some dark days...

ANYWAY, I went to a whole bunch of discount stores to find some good basics on sale.  Nice winter coat...a bag...some boots....etc.  I love taking pictures in the store and texting either Tara or my mom with them because I'm so indecisive.  Even though I usually like what I call business shopping (basically, when you're about to drop some big $$$ on for stuff you actually need and so you have to try on, compare between shops etc.) alone, I still need somebody else's opinion, plus it makes for good reference, so I take tons of pictures.  I only have a crap camera phone (I'm saving up for the real thing) but the quality isn't too bad...

 I saw this one at the HUUUGE Macy's over in Herald Square on 34th Street.  That Macy's is like shopping heaven.  It takes up a whole block and its 13 floors of pure shopping heaven.  This one is American Rag, and it was cute but it wasn't warm enough for the NYC winter months.  I'm a Cali girl so you know I need the warmth more than anybody.

Another day I went to Chelsea to check out the Burlington Coat Factory.  Right outside of the 23rd St. subway station there was this cute little jewelry store having an everything is $1-2.99 sale.  Some of it looked a little too cheapie, but I got a whole bunch of cute studs (my favorite).

This purse was effing huge.  It was Jessica Simpson, and technically luggage.  I liked the style but it was just way too big so I wound up getting this one:

Nine West!
Looking back...this next coat was actually really cute....Why didn't I get this?  It was Miss Sixty...


WELL whatever the one I did get is super girly and preppy and *unique.* I'll stand out in the sea of gray and black that is the NYC streets:

Lol at my little wrist flick...what is wrong with me?

And for fun...

Its sooooo flashy and gaudy but I kinda love it.  I really want a furry type jacket thing but they're not actually really warm (since they're faux anyway) so it was too much for something so trendy.  I have to head to Forever21 or Necessary Clothing for that one.

There was a whole bunch of super cute underwear but I had to restrain myself.  Its one of those things where you're like oh it's cheap and cute I want it all and then you get to the cash register and you're like, "Wait a second.....where did $50 come from?"

Anyway...that it all for now.  I can't wait until Saturday.  Hair changes are so exciting.  :D


Tara said...

I was interested in that same Jessica Simpson bag. I didnt get it though, for the same reason... Too Big.

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