Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving and more importantly, BLACK FRIDAY

This Thanksgiving I decided not to fly out back home to L.A.  It would have been way too expensive, and so not worth it as half the time I would have just been en route.  So I went with my floormate Shelly (whom I loveee) to her friend's dorm with a kitchen and we made a little Thanksgiving dinner.  I had something a bit more clean and...more organized in mind, but everybody was super chill so it was fun.  There was no meat to be seen (the girl, Racine, was a vegetarian) so we had all these interesting vegetable dishes.  One was actually quite delish.  Everybody ate all my macaroni and cheese and they loved my cake (which I artfully saved as it almost turned into a mess due to a lack of proper tools) so I was happy.  I'll post the cake recipe later!  I would have liked to accompany it with pictures but I didn't think to take any...

But moving on: BLACK FRIDAY.

Okay so I will admit I was scared.  I've only been Black Friday shopping like once in L.A. and all I could picture in NYC was pure chaos.  As I said to my friend, "I want to go shopping...but I don't want to, like, die."  I was trooper though, and totally woke up at 6:30am, was on the subway by 7:00am, and in Herald Square by 7:30am.  I went to the huge Macy's that's there and got the boots I was eyeing last time for 30% off!  So from $129 to like $79 or something.

They're even real leather...
I really wanted a purse but all the ones I were interested in were either not on sale or still way more than I wanted to pay.  I popped by Steve Madden and Victoria's Secret but by that time it was around 10am and it was wayyy too crazy.  I went to Aldo and I got this cute purse to go with my boots for only $26!

I still need a grey one though!
So, by this time I was already over my allotted budget of approx. $100, but then I went into H&M, just to see what was happening in the accessories, since I don't tend to prefer their clothes (they just never fit me quite right).  BUT, there were having these $10 fabulous finds AND everything that was on sale was 2 for 1 so I just had to get this cute plaid shirt dress that probably everyone and their mom will be wearing since I saw so many people checking out with it but either way:

Originally $34.95.  So not worth that much...

 And this cute knit beanie...not on sale but still cheap:

I popped by this random discount store called Daffy's.  I wasn't really feeling much in there, but then these shoes just popped up out of nowhere and they were so cute and unique looking I could not resist.  I may still return them because I don't tend to just wear heels out and about.  But they were just SO adorable I could not resist.


They were on like super sale too.  UGH!  This is like Confessions of a Shopaholic or something.  Although after talking to Shelly, who went with some girls on a 14 hour shopping expedition in a limo throughout New Jersey...I'm not that bad.  ;D

Really I'm just glad my roomate from hell is not here and shouldn't be back until tomorrow.  More on that situation another time.


Tara said...

I love that bag! i want one... I wish i went shopping on black friday.

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