Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hair Disaster


Ok so I don't remember if i blogged about this or not but I bought this super nice package from Alternative Adverstising from Gio Studio Salon where I could get a haircut, scalp/neck massage, highlights, plus some other random irrelevant stuff for $60 + $10 product fee and 20% off any other service.  This honestly was a bit of an amazing deal seeing as just a haircut in NYC will set you back like $70 soooo I said I'd try it.  Plus I checked them out on and they were totally top rated.  Even when I got there, everyone had gorgeous hair color.  This should turn out great right? 


First of all, I don't know what is up with this stylist Ezequiel.  I made it very clear that my hair color was *dyed* dark.  For those of you who are color virgins this is very significant information as and single lightening process will not work on the dyed part.  Bleach or a color removal process is necessary aka a DOUBLE PROCESS.  I said, "You're going to need to do a double process right?" And he said yes.  NOTE: A Double process is always significantly more expensive, sooo I'm paying top dollar.  Yes I get a 20% discount, but its still $160.  I expect to come out of the salon looking fly and fabulous.

However...when he was done....I looked like a brassy streaky messsssss.  Whenever I get a hair color change, its always a bit of a shock and a bit hard to judge immediately.  So I payed and I left a nice tip or whatever (mostly for their shampooer Alfonso who has THE MAGIC TOUCH.  I think it was the scalp/neck message a clouded my judgment) and I was in like Loehmans trying to judge it and I was not feeling it.  Anyway, when I got home I cried, made a quick run to Ricky's to get some color to dye over it but my mommy talked some sense into me, so I called and scheduled another appt. to have it fixed.'s not so bad you are probably thinking, but this next one really shows the horror!!!

Hot mess!!
WTF?!  That doesn't look a thing like this beautiful, rich brown color does it?


So this is what really makes it.  I went back the next day, and it still isn't fixed.  My roots are super light, my ends are still too dark, and I still have that brassy mess of highlights through the front.  He's afraid to bleach my hair properly or even use a developer more than 15 vol, and I'm like UM WTF DID YOU CHARGE ME A DOUBLE PROCESS FOR THEN?  That weak shit isn't going to do what I need it to do.  And yet he wants me to get some perm which is more likely to ruin my hair even worse.  I don't even know what he did last time.  All I know is I'm getting fed up and I'm supposed to go back on Sunday (tomorrow), but I don't think this "Ezequiel" knows what the hell he is doing.  If it is not done properly and I don't look like a star, I am demanding a refund so I can so someplace where they know what they're doing and get this fixed.  And its going to cost me a fortuneeee I already know.  UGH.



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